Test and measurement application

Test and measurement application


A large global OEM client came to us with a challenge for a power conversion solution for a power-hungry stepper motor driving an important mechanical element of their system.

Physical space in the system was limited.     


A 81W CFM81S series product from Cincon was selected against the 150Watt power budget. This was possible because the power budget was recognised against the start-up current draw versus the average power.

Discovery questions allowed identification of a smaller average running current and reduced duty cycle at this peak load allowing for a smaller, lower power SMPSU to be used.

The part could be an Industry Std 2 x 3’ instead of the typical 2 x 4’ footprint at this power level.

Part Number: CFM81S240 / Size: 2 x 3’ / 162W peak available for <10 secs with a 10% duty cycle.


Final system design could be smaller, a constant market demand, ensuring the product remained desirable in the market.

Potential market share gains now attainable. Cost also reduced from the bottom-line increasing profit margins and revenue.


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