What is a modular power supply?

For any complex, sensitive or critical application; configurable and modular power supplies can play a vital role in the overall system and can provide greater flexibility for the overall design.

Modular and configurable power supplies provide a vast array of outputs using commercial, off the shelf building blocks, delivering a custom solution from proven, standard, stocked modules. Custom designs can be delivered in days rather than weeks or months. Typically modular and configurable power supplies comprise of a front-end power supply chassis along with a number of modules that provide DC-DC regulation. These configurable power supplies can range in power from 200 Watts to 24kW depending on chassis size.  The modern, state of the art, power supplies alter according to the type of AC inputs like single-phase or three-phase. They offer a wide range of voltage (0.6Vdc to 1000Vdc) and current up to 1600A. The latest configurable and modular power supplies can contain up to sixteen slot chassis for direct integration of DC-DC modules. This technology supports a wide range of applications, especially those which require higher-power and multiple outputs.

Working in partnership with leading technology suppliers including Cosel, Artesyn, Advanced Energy (Excelsys), and Enedo we can easily tailor a solution to meet almost every requirement within a matter of days using our UL-Approved configuration centre in Germany.

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