In power supplies the DIP packages are typically made of an opaque molded epoxy plastic pressed around a lead frame that protects the unit die and offers attachment pins that are tin, silver, or gold-plated. Some types of IC are produced in ceramic DIP packages that demand high temperatures or high durability or have an optical window on the inside of the box. Through putting the pins via the holes in the panel and soldering them in a spot, most DIP packages are mounted to a PCB in power supplies.

A DIP socket is often used where removal of the components is required, such as in test fixtures or where configurable systems have to be withdrawn for alterations. A zero insertion force function is used in some sockets.

Working in partnership with leading technology suppliers including Cincon, Artesyn, Minmax and P-Duke we can easily tailor DIP DC-DC converters to meet almost every requirement.

Please view our range of DIP DC-DC Converters below or for unrivalled technical and commercial engineering support please contact us today on 01480 412233 to see how we can help you find the perfect power conversion solution.

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