Power solution for critical care equipment in the medical market

Power solution for critical care equipment in the medical market


A large global medical client came to us with a challenge for a power conversion solution for a high volume, critical care product.

An initial power budget of 160Watt down to 90VAC was later reduced to 100Watt at 85VAC, to facilitate worldwide sales including Japan (100VAC -15%).

Despite medical safety requirements including increased creepage and clearance demands in medical devices. An Industry standard footprint of 2x4’ for the power solution had already been defined with mechanics being built around it, restricting potential power solutions.


A Mornsun LOF225-20B15 was selected against the power budget in consideration of low line deration. It’s fan cooled 225Watt / 140W convection cooled max output power rating allows for 30% de-rating at 85VAC with a healthy headroom margin of 50%+ for future capability upgrades.

Mechanics could continue to be developed without disruption with a more power dense, higher efficiency product in the same footprint. 


By selecting the Mornsun unit which is more than capable of meeting the new requirements, delays to product launch, reduction in profitability and potentially reduced patient care have all been avoided.

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