Components Bureau offer an unrivalled wide variety of leading-edge Switching regulators and Point of Load Converters. Whether you need market leading power density, POLA/DOSA footprints, Digital control, Isolated, or Non-Isolated our specialised Power design-in team are here to help.

Working in partnership with leading technology suppliers including Artesyn, Cincon, Minmax and P-Duke we can easily tailor our Switching Regulators and Point of Load converters to meet almost every requirement.

Whether you can find what you are looking for or not, please contact us immediately, as we have direct access to product roadmap information and capability to provide bespoke solutions on a project basis. For Swithcing and Point of Load Regulators, PMBUS, high peak, low noise, tight regulation, if you are looking for 3A or 80A we can provide a solution that is right for your application.

For unrivalled technical and commercial engineering support please contact us today on 01480 412233 to see how we can help you find the perfect power conversion solution.

Artesyn POL (medium-large)

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