Selecting a power supply for test and measurement applications is crucial for ensuring expected performance and results from the system. Key considerations are output ripple values and ensuring noise is kept to a minimum.  

Point of load (PoL) converters are ideally suited to test and measurement applications, due to their increased resistance to radiated emissions in the form of EM (electromagnetic) waves. As they are placed near the load, they reduce the length of cabling or PCB trace which can act as an antenna for EM waves.  

For high-speed sensing applications such as those in vehicles using advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), latency can affect the performance. Longer cabling and PCB traces increase the inductance, which in turn increases the latency. A PoL converter will be able to minimise these issues.

Where point of load converters are not feasible, we are able to offer power supplies with remote sensing features to maintain a consistent voltage output at the load by increasing the output voltage accordingly. 

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