Smart manufacture also deemed the fourth industrial revolution is all about computer integrated manufacturing. It presents a unique level of control and coordination over the supply chain, optimising processes to meet demands efficiently. The industrial internet of things (IIoT), sensors, the cloud, data analysis, artificial intelligence are all combined to improve automation within a manufacturing plant and distribution centre. Another advantage is shifting from reactive maintenance to predictive, by analysing data from past breakdowns provided by sensors to anticipate future failures.

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Benefits of adopting Industry 4.0

How Industry 4.0 has revolutionised factories, products, customers and business

In this white paper we will go into more detail about:

  • Digital Power Supplies

  • Embedded Systems: Cyber-physical systems, sensors for IoT, big data and cloud computing

  • Industrial Monitors: built to meet requirements for Industry 4.0, cost reduction with clear longevity of up-time and system

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Digital Controlled Power

Today’s power supplies for Tomorrow’s demand include Digital interfacing options featuring PMBus, UART, RS485, RS232, GUI and other connection protocols, not to forget models which can be accessed online with their own IP address over Power Pro Coms Module (PPCM) for checking, controlling and changing settings via Smartphone App.

Digital Interfacing allows end users to remotely manipulate, control and read all of a power supplies key parameters (not just voltage, current and temperature) which provides integrators with more flexibility than ever for different load types.

Not only that, system operators can monitor the PSU’s lifetime, performance and stability which in turn enables customers to avoid costly and often mission critical, unacceptable downtime, with preventative maintenance before a failure event.


Embedded Products and Industrial Monitors

Monitors with integrated touchscreens are a powerful and economical way to display complex information to a user in an easily readable and accessible format. Coupled with the right embedded SBC and software support, the system can gain its own intelligence to become IoT and AI ready for Industry 4.0.

 These products create a foundation for an Industry 4.0 friendly environment, facilitating the gathering and analysis of data across machines. Enabling more efficient processes to deliver greater quality at a lower cost in an accelerated method. 

Shorten your development cycles, reduce design efforts, expedite your time to market and attain a greater return on investment with our comprehensive line card of IoT & AI services.



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