Our in-house range of wound components are backed by over 30 years manufacturing expertise.

We have experience of working with design engineers in many industries including power supplies for EV, power supplies for Rail, powersupplies for Energy Saving Storage and power supplies for Lighting.


Components Bureau - Your Power Technology Partner

We are an independent specialist power solutions provider of AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC converters and Power related components who understand their customers and their project requirements.  An extensive stock holding of power supplies is available from our UK Headquarters and our central Frankfurt Hub.

We are proud to be part of the global FORTEC Group, enabling us to offer a range of value-added services, from simple supply to working with you on your project designs and technical advice.

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For any TFT LCD displays, industrial monitors, embedded computing or panel PC's please visit our specialist site Display Technology Ltd 


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Autronic HFC200 (medium-large)

200W DC/DC converter offers ultra-wide input voltage range

Published: 23rd September 2020

This new DC/DC Converter available from Components Bureau, offers an impressive ultra-wide input voltage from 14.4V to 154V with 200W output, making the HFC200-W/O the ideal solution for many International rolling stock rail and battery technology applications.

One unique feature of the HFC200-W/O is a built-in-integrated circuit which guarantees holdup for a minimum of 10ms at full load.  The HFC200-W offers on board power supply voltages from (24V to 110V) including the tolerance range of +/- 40%.


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Andrew and Paul (medium)


Display Technology Ltd announce new Directors

Published: 8 September 2020

As part of their ongoing growth strategy in the UK, Display Technology is pleased to announce the  appointment of Andrew Ferrier to the position of Operations Director and Paul Hooper as Sales and Marketing Director.







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Tuns 1200 artwork (large)



1200W AC-DC Industrial/Medical Brick leads the way with 21% more power

Published: 27 August 2020

The new TUNS1200 part of the TUNS series from Cosel is available from Components Bureau, the new power module designed for industrial and medical applications boasts 21% more power in a 36% smaller footprint than the current 1kW industry standard.

Designed with the latest technology, the TUNS1200 delivers its full power up to +85 degrees centigrade baseplate temperature, and able to operate safely at up to +100 degrees centigrade with a derating. TUNS1200 modules can be paralleled up to nine units (up to 9,750W), their output voltage can be adjusted down to zero volts, and easily set to constant voltage or constant current operating modes.

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