When would you use encapsulated power supply?

There are a few reasons why encapsulated power supplies are a popular choice. They are often used in applications where a high level of protection is required, such as in medical and military equipment. Additionally, they can be very effective at controlling noise and electromagnetic interference, making them ideal for use in sensitive electronics. Finally, encapsulated power supplies are also very versatile, and can be adapted to fit a variety of different applications.

The voltages that are popular for encapsulated power supplies are 12v, 24v and 48v. This is because these voltages are ideal for powering a wide range of electronic devices. Additionally, they are relatively safe to use and are not as likely to cause an electrical fire as higher voltages.

Our range of encapsulated power supplies are available in pcb mount or chasis mount.

We can offer 3W to 1200W output power and are approvals include IEC62368-1, UL62368-1, EN62368-1, as well as EN55032 Class B and CIRSS/FCC Class B.

Working in partnership with leading technology suppliers such as CoselCincon & Minmax we can easily tailor an encapsulated power supply solution to meet almost every requirement.

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