Charging Points are available for use at home, work or in public areas and they have a variety of charging capacities and functionalities. We work closely with the designer to find the right Electrical Vehicle Transformers to suit the job.

Projects we have supplied:

AC-DC Charging - electrical vehicle transformers for auxiliary circuits

  • Power - 10W +
  • Encapsulated transformer and Toroidal transformer 50Hz

DC - DC Charging

Modular grid-tied power supplies are designed for smart grid and used for various applications, transformers for EV charging are pushing the use of switching power technology for DC charging at medium power.
SMPS are capable of bi-directional conversion between AC (grid) and DC (battery). New designs are enabling the power supply to operate in three-phase 16A or single phase 32A.
For 25kW modular power supply, higher power ferrite electrical vehicle transformers and toroids wound with multi-strand Litz wires are required because of the high current transmitted. 
DC Ultrafast charging are typically composed by modular systems that can generate a total output power up to 150 kW.

Projects we have supplied

Transformers for EV Charging Power Units, designed for smart grid (V2G, V2H) applications.

  • Power - 1000 - 2000W +
  • Large ferrites (Kool Mu) and power toroids, C Core

transformers for EV page with toroidal (large)

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