Solution for black boxes of trains.

Solution for black boxes of trains.
A special current supply solution to be used in the black boxes of trains.

The isolated DC-DC converter with its cooling plate as part of the housing supplies the safety-critical applications to reliably record data during operation.  

Autronic modified solution

The DC/DC converter was developed during product updating and for overseas use. The plug-and-play solution was based on the requirement that there is a possibility to upgrade already existing units. The ultrawide input range between 14.4 and 154 VDC can be used for all known nominal input voltages according to EN 50155. This facilitates a later qualification of the customer’s own component and reduces the storage costs.

Especially for world-wide applications the converter has a RIA 12 filter which withstands voltages according to waveform A to G without damage and without interruption. In addition, the increased surge protection according to IEEE 1482.1 (up to 80 J source energy) is guaranteed.  

The 43 W output power is distributed over three outputs with 5.1, 12 and -12 VDC. In case the input voltage fails, the outputs continue their operation for up to 20 ms so that the system can safely be shut down in case of emergency until all relevant data is saved.

The input current is limited to 8 A, reverse polarity protection is secured up to 160 V.  

The suitable choice of the components allows operation and storage at temperatures down to -55 °C. The extraordinary low temperatures are required by the customer beyond the applicable railway standard EN 50155. Despite narrow installation conditions a continuous function up to 70 °C is guaranteed, up to 85 °C for at least 10 minutes, both without derating. This can only be achieved by a good design-in with the aim to reduce the thermal load of the components. The delta from hot spot to ambient temperature is maximally 15 °C.  

An internal chip is marked with the customer’s serial number so that the customer can establish a clear allocation of each current supply which further suits for a 100 % traceability of all installed components in the production process by AUTRONIC during the production of the DC/DC converter. The complete traceability of all incorporated components is standard with AUTRONIC.

Fire protection according to NF F (French standard) and EN 45445-2 is ensured, the theoretically calculated reliability in case of highest endurance requirements is over 1.1 million hours according to IEC62380 (60° C).  


·  Input:  14,4...154 VDC

·  Output:  5.1, 12 and -12 VDC

·  Power:  43 Watt

·  Temperature: EN 50155, Class OT ST1/2

·  Hold up time:  20 ms  

Features:  RIA12 (A...G), reverse polarity protection, inrush current limitation and reverse polarity protection (active), protection against over current, over temperature and overvoltage, digitally legible serial number

Standards:  IEEE 1482.1, IEEE 1478, EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 61373, EN 45545-2


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