Open frame power supply, can I use it?

An open framed power supply has no external casing or enclosure, it is often just a PCB with power electronic devices and passive components. It is often used where the power converter is not exposed to moisture or dust. Sometimes this is due to the environmental/ambient conditions, however usually it is because the power supply will be in an enclosed environment in the end application.  

One advantage over enclosed power supplies is that they have a lower thermal resistance, and are able to dissipate heat faster. Another advantage is due to the lack of an enclosure, they can fit into smaller space and can be specifically designed for specific applications and unique form factors.  

Open framed power converters still comply with a wide range of industry standards, some of which are Class A and Class B EMC, MOOP and MOPP for medical, Audio/Video, information and communication technology to name a few. 

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