Often regarded as a single inline pin package, a single inline package may be (SIPP).

Multiple resistors and RAM chips with a standard pin have been packaged using SIPs. SIP packages jointly place RAM chips on a small board using either the surface mounting device process or the DIP process. A single row of pin leads that connect to a specific socket on a system or a system-expansion board are included in the panel only. Usually, SIP packages are connected with memory units. SIPs typically consist of a standard maximum I/O count of 24, but with smaller package expenditures, as opposed to DIPs, which have a typical maximum I/O count of 64.

Many small-form SIPs are common-value component parallel-array systems such as resistor arrays, diodes, etc. Hybrid systems, such as oscillators, clocks, etc. are also large-form SIPs. The SIP body is made of either ceramic or plastic, with a lead count normally varying from four to 64. Three SIP forms are available: molded, conformal coated and uncoated.

We can offer a wide range of SIP DC-DC converters please view the range below. Working in partnership with leading technology suppliers including Cincon, Artesyn, Minmax and P-Duke we can easily tailor a solution to meet almost every requirement.

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