When would I need a DC/DC converter with high voltage?

A High Voltage DC-DC Power Supply (HVPS) is a power conversion device that converts a source of direct current (DC) from a low voltage input to a high voltage DC output. This differs from an AC-DC converter which takes an alternating current (AC) input and converts it to a DC current.

Why do we need High Voltage?

The primary reason high voltage (HV) is used in specific applications is driven by physics and the nature of the application. In most HV applications, a low voltage potentially will not satisfy the application’s requirements.

High Voltage Power Supplies

We offer a range of high voltage and medium voltage power converters, available down from 1W up to 3kW with the option to parallel/series connect to achieve higher power handling capabilities.  

With a variety of features aimed at protecting the connected equipment, such as low voltage overshoot even with fast slew rates.  

The power supplies can be modified to meet specific requirements and customer-defined derivatives upon request. View a sample of our range below, or get in contact for more information.

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