What is a DIN rail power supply?

A Din rail power supply is a type of switching power supply that is designed to be mounted on a Din rail. Din rails are a standard size, so these power supplies are often used in industrial applications where space is limited.

Din rail power supplies are available in both AC and DC versions, and can provide a wide range of voltages and currents. They are typically more energy efficient than traditional power supplies, and can be used in a variety of applications, including:

- Industrial automation

- Factory floor equipment

- Machine tools

- Process control systems

- HVAC systems

- Emergency warning systems.

You would use a din rail power supply because you need a power supply that is small, and takes up minimal space. Din rail power supplies are also very energy efficient, so they are a good choice for applications where energy savings are important.

We offer 12v and 24v din rail power supplies from leading manufacturers.

We work in partnership with leading technology suppliers and can offer quality Din Rail power suppies from Cosel, Mornsun, and Minmax.

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Cosel Din Rail (medium-large)

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