What is a digital power supply? 

A digital power supply is a type of electronic power supply that uses digital switching technology to control the output voltage and current. Compared to traditional analogue power supplies, digital power supplies are more efficient and have smaller footprints. They are often used in high-power applications such as industrial automation, medical equipment, and telecommunications systems.

Some benefits of digital power supplies include:

-High efficiency (85% or higher)

-Smaller footprint

-Low acoustic noise

-Wide input voltage range

-Low ripple and noise

-Integrated digital control loop

Applications for digital power supplies include industrial automation, medical equipment, telecommunications systems, test and measurement, and data centers. Digital power supplies are also used in smart farming, electric vehicles, and solar inverters.

Digital Interfacing allows end users to remotely manipulate, control and read all of a digital controlled power supplies key parameters (not just voltage, current and temperature) which provides integrators with more flexibility than ever for different load types.

Why would you use a digital power supply?

Digital power supplies are often used in high-power applications where tight voltage and current regulation is critical. They are also used in applications where a small footprint or low acoustic noise is important. Digital power supplies offer a wide input voltage range, which makes them suitable for global deployments. They also have low ripple and noise, which is important for sensitive electronic equipment. Digital power supplies have an integrated digital control loop, which provides precise voltage and current regulation. This helps to improve system performance and reliability.

Not only that, system operators can monitor the PSU’s lifetime, performance and stability which in turn enables customers to avoid costly and often mission critical, unacceptable downtime, with preventative maintenance before a failure event.

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