Digital Power Supply

Published: 19 November 2020

Digital Power Supply

The fourth era of revolution (Industry 4.0) is all about connectivity trends, advanced material, processing technology, service orientation and collaboration in advanced manufacturing networks. It presents a unique level of control and coordination over the whole value chain of the products. Internet of things (IoT) and machine to machine communication (M2M) are merged to improve communication and automation. It creates a new set of design principles for effective and computerised control of the manufacturing process which includes interconnection, information transparency, technical assistance and decentralisaion decisions.

The development of power management systems, are being designed to give accurate requirements in all device contexts. This includes the array of input voltages, values of output voltage, output power, performance, input and output electrical separation and industrial specifications.

Digital Controlled Power

The PCA series from Cosel is one of the power supplies that offers digital control.  Offering a built-in PMBus/UART interface supporting up to 83 commands to monitor and control power supply parameters.  The PCA series is suitable for many applications including Communication, Energy, Industrial, Infrastructure, Medical and Transportation.

Due to the PCA series offering extended communications all 83 commands are accessible via the company UART/PMBus control panel that can operate up to 7 units. Allowing the production operator of the company to be able to work with the data that gets stored inside the PSU’s internal memory that clearly shows recorded error codes and shows operational hours to prevent maintenance downtime and to set the data to specific requirements.

The digital features include monitoring the AC input voltage, DC output voltage and the AC/DC Current.  The smart fan speed changes dependent on the load and can be monitored or set to its maximum speed controlling the internal temperature can be monitored to prevent possible overheating. The output DC voltage can be set from nearly 0V to 120% of the rated voltage.

The PCA series combine the benefits of constant voltage and constant current, simplifying designers task when developing power systems requiring both modes without adding external circuitry such as battery chargers, LED lighting and Peltier devices.

Alongside the main output is an independent isolated auxiliary 12Vdc, that can be adjusted across 5-12V using digital control and equipped with a digitally remote on/off.

The PCA is available in PCA600F, PCA300F and PCA1000F and complys with the following standards Medica EN/IEC 60601-1, UL/EN 62368-1

The PCA series is one of the power supplies on the market that has been designed to meet todays Digital demand.


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