New 10W 16:1 Ultra-wide Input Range Chassis-mount DC-DC Converter: Ideal Solution for Railway Applications

Published: 7 August 2023

New 10W 16:1 Ultra-wide Input Range Chassis-mount DC-DC Converter: Ideal Solution for Railway Applications

Display Technology are pleased to add to their range of power solutions for railways. The EC7AW18-ECRT/EDRT series , Cincon's latest innovation in ultra-wide input chassis-mount DC-DC converters, delivering an impressive 10W of regulated power within a compact form factor measuring 4 x 2.14 inches (101.6 x 54.4 mm). This exceptional DC module boasts safety approvals for IEC/UL 62368-1 3rd edition and offers an outstanding 3000Vac isolation (input to output), ensuring top-notch performance and safety.

The EC7AW18-ECRT/EDRT series comes in various configurations, catering to diverse application needs. It offers single outputs of 5, 12, and 15 VDC, as well as dual outputs of ±5, ±12, and ±15 VDC, ensuring flexibility in design and integration. Moreover, the series includes a remote on/off function, providing additional control and convenience to users.

Designed to excel in railway applications, the EC7AW18-ECRT/EDRT series complies with essential standards for the railway industry. It meets the compliance standards for EN 50155, Shock & Vibration EN 61373, and Fire & smoke EN 45545-2, ensuring its suitability for rugged and demanding railway environments. Additionally, the EMI complies with both EN 50155 and EN 55032 standards, further reinforcing its reliability in railway settings.

The EC7AW18-ECRT/EDRT series exhibits an exceptional ultra-wide input voltage range from 10~160 VDC, accommodating common distributed voltages in railway power systems. With a high efficiency of up to 87%, it minimises energy waste and ensures optimal power utilisation. Furthermore, the DC-DC converter operates flawlessly within a wide operating case temperature range of -40°C to +100°C, making it suitable for various environmental conditions, including high altitudes up to 5000m max. The impressive MTBF of up to 1000k hours guarantees long-lasting and reliable performance.

Safety is paramount in the EC7AW18-ECRT/EDRT series, as it features comprehensive protections to safeguard your application. The converter is fully protected by input UVLO (under voltage lockout), output over-current/voltage, and continuous short circuit protection, preventing potential damage and ensuring the longevity of the converter.

The EC7AW18-ECRT/EDRT series is a versatile turnkey solution, perfectly suited for a wide range of railway applications, including information systems, entertainment systems, and CPU and motor drivers for door control systems.

Beyond railway use, it finds applicability in industrial/ITE applications, such as automation equipment, test & measurement instruments, commercial equipment, and various other industrial applications.

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