AC/DC offers 300% peak power suitable for Medical applications

Published: 7 July 2021

AC/DC offers 300% peak power suitable for Medical applications

Cosels AEA600F, designed for applications requiring a high level of safety. The AC/DC 600W offers 3 output voltages 24V, 36V and 48V with respective current ratings of 25A, 16.7A and 12.5A. Output voltage can be adjusted using a built-in potentiometer.

The AEA600F is able to deliver 300% peak power for a period of up to 1,000 milliseconds. The AEA600F is suitable for Body Floating (BF) applications and complies with 2MOPP and 1MOPP safety requirement.

The AEA600F is certified to the EN62477-1 Over Voltage Category Three (OVC III), meaning that a final equipment powered by the products can be directly connected to the main distribution panel without adding an extra level of isolation. This simplifies the systems designer’s task, reduces costs and guarantees the highest level of efficiency.

The AEA600F uses active Power Factor Corrector (PFC), and the switching stage uses an LLC resonant topology deploying the latest generation of power semiconductors, offering efficiency of up to 95%.

For additional power the AEA600F can be connected in parallel, up to six units. When in parallel, by adjusting the output voltage on the ‘Master’ unit, ‘Slaves’ neatly automatically adjust their output voltage to be of equal value.

Optimised for convection cooling, the AEA600F can be operated within an ambient temperature range of -20 to +70 deg C.

In its open frame format, the AEA600F measures 41 x 127 x 186mm (1.61 x 5 x 7.32 inches) and weighs 1kg max.


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