Intelligent Configurable Power Supplies from Components Bureau

Published: 19 January 2021

Intelligent Configurable Power Supplies from Components Bureau

Configurable power supplies are made up of a single front-end and multiple modules. Components Bureau can offer a wide range with PMBus digital communication for monitoring and control capability.

Highlights from Components Bureau range

NEW - Advanced Energy’s Excelsys CoolX®3000 series

The new small sized configurable power supply offers an incredible 3000W in a small package of 300 x 131 x 120mm, addressing the requirement for smaller power supplies offering the same power but in a smaller footprint.

The CoolX®3000 series offers an impressive 24 outputs; all outputs are isolated (1850 VAC) and the power supply has PMBus™ digital communications for monitoring and control capability.  Features include plug and play power along with series and parallel outputs for higher voltage and currents.

Artesyn iHP24 power supply up to 24kW 

The award winning intelligent modular power supply controlled by digital power is designed for indoor horticulture, medical, laser, industrial, chemical processing and water treatment applications.

The iHP offers a multi output precision and modular high-power system with 100% digital control. Comes in a standard 19” rack and offers output series up to 1000V.

Up to 8 outputs, outputs program as voltage or current source. Output parallel up to 1600A and outputs series up to 1000V with field upgradeable firmware, programmable slew rate and fast current slew rate up to 200 Hz.

Cosel AME Series up to 1200W

The AME Series industrial and medical approved configurable power supply offers up to 6 outputs with the AME800F and AME1200F models.

Offers digital communication function with PMBus (240W modules only) and offers efficiency up to 91%. Dimensions are 127 x 41 x 257mm for the AME1200F model.

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