In the UK, there are now 245,000 pure electric cars on the roads, along with 515,000 plug-in hybrids – and as EVs get more affordable and as charging networks grow, this rapid market growth is only going to accelerate!

Deloitte forecasts that over 25.3 million pure electric vehicles will be sold by 2030. With the rise in EV use, there will be greater strains on the countries’ charging networks, placing private businesses perfectly to capitalise on the growing demand for public EV chargers.

EV charging (medium-large)

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What it takes to build a high performance fast Electric Vehicle Charger: Power, Display and Embedded System

The article focuses on the growth of electric cars and the demand for public EV chargers. It then goes into more detail on the following:

  • power required for different types of chargers
  • sunlight readable displays for public EV chargers
  • embedded systems for multiple communications for public EV chargers
  • cloud based power management system for public EV chargers

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Power Solutions, Industrial Monitors and Embedded AI for EV chargers

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