What is Digital Controlled Power?

Quite simply it is a power supply that uses digital technology for the control and monitoring of the output as well as other functions.

In order for the power supply to work with SMART applications such as robots, cobots and automation the unit will need to include digital interface options such as  PMBus, UART, RS485, RS232, GUI and other connection protocols.

In addition there are models which can be remotely accessed online with their own IP address over Power Pro Coms Module (PPCM) for checking, controlling and changing settings via Smartphone App.

Where does Digital Controlled Power fit in with Industry 4.0?

Digital Interfacing allows end users to remotely manipulate, control and read all of a power supplies key parameters (not just voltage, current and temperature) which provides integrators with more flexibility than ever for different load types.

Not only that, system operators can monitor the PSU’s lifetime, performance and stability which in turn enables customers to avoid costly and often mission critical, unacceptable downtime, with preventative maintenance before a failure event.

Digital AC/DC Power (medium-large)

DC/DC converters digital (medium-large)

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