Farming today there is no guarantee on a good crop year after year with the unpredictable weather the UK is renown for. Climate change is having a significant impact in the quality of crop and cereals we find in todays supermarkets. In 2020 agricultural crop was seriously affected by lack of water.

Farmers can no longer take the risk of waiting for the weather to improve to be guaranteed a good crop and so Agritech was invented.

What is Agritech?

Agricultural technology or agrotechnology is the use of technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture with the aim of improving yield, efficiency and profitability.

Agritech companies are finding new and novel ways of meeting this challenge head-on with LED Grow light installations in various forms; greenhouse, vertical farms, Indoor and underground farms as well as container farms.

According to research (global newswire) the global Greenhouse Horticulture Market in 2019 was approximately USD 17 Billion. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% and is anticipated to reach around USD 40 Billion by 2026.


The difficulties for horticultural lighting stems from how crucial the control of light sources in ensuring high yields for farms. In the past, artificial lighting would require individual control systems for each luminaire as each power supply would need to precisely control the current to ensure the light is emitted at the correct wavelength to stimulate growth. The installation costs and cooling expenses would drive capital and operating expenditure through the roof!

In conventional power distributions, the heat generated by both the driver/power supply and the luminaire would need to be taken into account for cooling calculations, driving down that bottom line.

At Components Bureau we can help LED grow light manufacturers and LED system integrators, help farmers and growers offset this issue while reducing OPEX and improving return on CAPEX with smart farming, lighting control and a centralised power distribution system.

Why we recommend Artesyns iHP for indoor Horticulture LED lighting

The award winning intelligent modular power supply controlled by digital power is designed for indoor horticulture, medical, laser, industrial, chemical processing and water treatment applications.

  1. iHP saves you money, with the multiple outputs you dont need as many power supplies, the iHP is sufficient
  2. iHP save you time, with the digital control you have accurate control of voltage and current source
  3. Up to 24 kW of power in 300W increments
  4. Eliminates the need for individual LED array drivers, reduces installation and operating costs
  5. Eliminates the need for an isolation transformer in medical equipment

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