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Since 1977 the requirements for medical and healthcare power supplies have been differentiated from standard industrial products. The specific safety and operational requirements of the healthcare market means you need to be certain the product's you select meet all current worldwide approval standards as well as being appropriate for the environment in which they are to be used.

The IEC60601 has evolved over time.

  • The Third edition of IEC60601 introduced in 2005, became mandatory across the globe from 2014. In addition to the safety requirements originally set out in the second edition, this standard introduced the concept of ‘essential performance’ that requires medical and healthcare equipment to continue functioning under set conditions.  IEC60601 third edition also redefines the required safety measures as means of operator protection (MOPP) and means of Patient Protection (MOOP)
  • It also regulated the maximum allowable leakage current from a medical power supply in order to avoid risks from transient voltage spikes, insulation breakdown of the power architecture, mechanical damage, arcking and shorts developing PCB tracks or air gaps that the operator or patient may come into direct contact with under fault conditions.

The measured leakage-current values should comply with the acceptable limits, please see the table below:

Earth Leakage 2

  • 4th editions of EN60601-1-2:2015 - this standard takes account for the first time of the environment in which the product is intended to be used.  As a result somewhat counter intuitively the EMC requirements for home use are more stringent than the professional environment standards. This is to take account of the Potentially high level of noise that could be experienced in a domestic environment which should not being counted in a healthcare facility.

Our medical power supplies are rated from 3000 to 5000 VAC and include reinforced insulation and a low leakage current for operator protection (2xMOOP) and patient protection (2xMOPP).

Our vast range of medical power supplies are approved to the latest safety standards ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-3rd edition with 2xMOPP/2MOOP.

The full range of AC/DC and DC-DC product offered by Components Bureau features 2 times MOP of the appropriate category.

Please see the table below for MOOP & MOPP requirements:

Moop Mop

Being part of the group FORTEC Power Supplies, we can offer you AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters and external power supplies from the leading manufacturers who have their products certified to these safety standards :

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Options available include:

  • AC/DC open frame and chassis mount options up to 24KW 
  • External Medical power supplies up to 300W
  • DC/DC converters up to 30W

Medical certificate approvals

Products are available with up to 5 years warranty.

EMS Safety Standard for AC-DC Power Supplies

AC DC Power Supplies for Medical

EMS Safety Standard for DC/DC Converter

EMS Safety Standard for DC DC Converter

Given the importance of complete compliance with all the latest requirements of IEC60601 Components Bureau are the correct supply partner to help you select the right solution for any medical power supply requirement.

 Please feel free to contact us with any medical project requirements you would like to discuss.

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