Wound Components

Inductors & Chokes

Inductors and chokes


  • High rated current up to 30Amps
  • SMD and TH, AN (Air Natural) or IPxx
  • Shielded, Unshielded, Cast Resin (encapsulation), Dry-Type VPI (Vacuum Impregnation)
  • Plastic core case, including spacers, with and without plastic base plate
  • Wide selection of ferrites core and grains: E-core, Toroidal, D-Core, Framed Core, Drum Core, Rod Core
  • RoHS-compatible Applications
  • Designed for aggressive conditions
  • Hot-Dip tinned Marking Product brand. Product part numbers, date of manufacture (YYWWD.internal ID code)
  • Clearance and creepage distances can be customised.
  • Bifilar, Twisted wire, TIW (triple insulated wire)
  • Insulation for high voltage applications 
  • Electrical insulation system in accordance with design and Insulating class requests;
  • Single Electrical insulation system designation labelled with certification on demand.
  • Packaging Reel or Tube, (Drum Inductors, bulk taped and reeled)


  • Low tolerances in the main inductances rating
  • Symmetrical suppression of common-mode interferences
  • Block the unwanted high-frequency EMI noise while passing the low-frequency AC or DC power.
  • Super Low whirring noise.
  • High pulse strength
  • Pick and place-process possible
  • Good solderability (tinned connector pins) design suitable for traditional or wave soldering
  • Drum inductors have high self-resonant frequency, they are electroplated with nickel and pure tin. 


Emergency lighting, street lighting, power supplies for IT, automation, metering and robotics Common mode chokes are designed to meet applications requiring a high DC current bias and are compatible with SMPS designs, especially for high-voltage switch-mode power applications.

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