Fans, motors, relays, buzzers & sounders for a variety of applications.

common mode choke, rf connectors

Our electro-mechanical product range includes fans, motors, buzzers & sounders, and relays from global suppliers including Jamicon, Sinotec and OBO Pro 2.

Our range is suitable for a variety of applications ranging from notebook fans, VGA cooling fans and CPU cooling fans through to more unique applications such as egg incubators.

Our partners for Electro-mechanical solutions


Founded in 1999, Everflow is an industrial fan manufacturer. The Everflow portfolio includes notebook, VGA cooler, CPU cooler and server fans.


With over 43 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of electrolytic capacitors, Jamicon are leaders in their field.

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Sino Motors Tech specialise in Original Equipment Manufacturing solutions.

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ZJTEX manufacture electric motors, including; AC, DC, permanent magnet, brushless, stepping, NEMA, gear, synchronous, hysteresis, shade pole and external rotor motors.

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OBO Pro 2

Founded in 1986, OBO Pro.2 are a leading acoustic service provider.

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Some of our global partners

  • Precision
  • Bivocom
  • High Flying
  • Cervoz
  • AEM Inc.
  • Adam Technologies Inc.
  • Kingbright
  • AiSHi
  • Everflow
  • Jamicon
  • CIT Relay
  • Hua Jung Components
  • HSM
  • Iskra
  • Konek
  • Littelfuse
  • Minamoto
  • OBO Pro 2
  • PDC
  • Sinotech
  • Walex
  • Hua Jie
  • Suntan