Industrial Capacitors

Browse our Electrolytic, polyester, suppression, multi-layer ceramic and super-capacitors from world leading manufacturers, including JB Capacitors.

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Capacitors can be used for a whole range of electronic applications; they work by storing the energy as an electrical charge but one that is faster than your average battery.

Depending on your requirements, we have a range of capacitors available at Components Bureau, which includes: electrolytic, polyester, suppression, supercapacitors and multilayer ceramic capacitors.

Our partners are specialists in providing capacitors for lighting and power.


With a reputation of being one of 500 top companies in Taiwan as well as having one of the largest capacitor and aluminium foil forming plants, Jamicon have clearly earned their title with 43 years experience in the business. Jamicon have two factories located in Shanghai and Taiwan where all products manufactured are RoHS compliant and ISO:9001 qualified.

Suitable for a variety of applications, Jamicon capacitors can be used for power supply, lighting and audio markets.


Founded in 1990, PDC was Taiwan’s first manufacturer and exporter of ceramic dielectric powders and multilayer ceramic chip capacitors.

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JB Capacitors

Founded in 1980, JB Capacitors specialise in the production of plastic film, radial, SMD, Snap-in, screw and aluminium electrolytic capacitors. JB capacitors can provide businesses with a range of different capacitors, which are widely used within consumer electronics, telecommunication and data processing.

It’s no surprise JB Capacitors are hugely popular among companies, as they create products that are competitively priced and extremely reliable. For more information regarding JB Capacitors, visit their website or get in touch with our team to discuss your capacitor requirements.

Some of our global partners

  • Cosel
  • Cincon
  • Autronic
  • Minmax
  • Artesyn
  • MeanWell
  • Skynet
  • Bivocom
  • High Flying
  • Cervoz
  • AEM Inc.
  • Adam Technologies Inc.
  • Kingbright
  • AiSHi
  • Everflow
  • Jamicon
  • CIT Relay
  • Hua Jung Components
  • HSM
  • Iskra
  • Konek
  • Littelfuse
  • Minamoto
  • OBO Pro 2
  • PDC
  • Hua Jie
  • Suntan
  • Advanced Energy
  • Efore
  • EDAC
  • P-DUKE
  • FSP