QP and WP Electrolytic Capacitors Feature High Ripple Current Ratings for Solar Applications


Components Bureau introduces the high ripple current, large can, QP and WP series of high reliability electrolytic capacitors, providing long-life performance for alternative energy solar PV inverter applications.

Manufactured by Jamicon, the two new series are available with a large number of capacitance values, with ripple currents as high as 40A (rms) at 85°C, 120Hz.

The WP series offers 2,000 hours life at 85°C, and the QP 2,000 hours life at 105°C, with minimum operating temperatures down to -25°C. The radial capacitors are available in four diameters: 51, 64, 77 and 90mm, and case lengths of 75 to 157mm. High current capable screw connections are made via M5 bolts, (M6 for the 90mm diameter case). Multiple working voltages can be selected in the industry standard values from 160Vdc to 550Vdc (500Vdc for the WP), capable of withstanding surges voltages of up to 600Vdc.

25 industry standard capacitance values (820µF to 39,000µF) are offered for the WP series, and 12 (820µF to 22,000µF) for the higher temperature rated QP series. The sleeved capacitors are provided with mounting clamps and can be secured via three tabs.

For more information about the QP and WP series of long-life electrolytic capacitors for solar PV inverter applications, please contact the team on +44 (0) 1480 412233 or

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