Precision Transformers for Lighting & Power Supply

Precision Transformers

Precision Transformers for Lighting & Power Supply

At Components Bureau we have our own in-house transformer range called Precision. Backed by over thirty years of experience in the industry, the range is designed to provide full flexibility, superb quality and great value for money.

The Precision range is made up from a wide variety of wound component products, these include low frequency transformers, high frequency transformers, common mode choke, low frequency inductors and high frequency inductors.

Precision provides fully customisable transformers which are designed and manufactured to industry standards (EN61558, EN60590, EN6042, UL506, UL1585).

The range includes a variety of inductors and chokes which can be used for many applications such as emergency lighting, street lighting, power supply for IT uses, automation, metering and robotics. Common mode chokes with a high DC current bias are also compatible with SMPS designs. Find out more about the features and benefits of our common mode chokes and inductors range here.

Need a bespoke solution? No problem, we offer a vast range of fully custom transformers and inductors. Key markets include LED, HID lighting, emergency lighting, ballasts and driver systems up to 100W. Our custom tooled samples can be made available within a 4-week time scale, subject to drawings approval. To find out more about our range, please contact our team on 01480 412233.


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