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Power Supplies for Railways

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Choosing the right power supply for any rail application is vital to the output performance. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when selecting the right power supply, the EN 50155 safety standard ensures these factors are addressed; high temperature, high vibration environment and challenges of power distribution.

As modern rolling stock becomes ever more advanced the requirements for low voltage power increases, whether it be train control systems, passenger information or entertainment. 

Being part of the Fortec Group, we can offer a high and vast profile of products from many of the leaders in this field.

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Below you can find a breakdown of what tests are carried out to meet the standard EN 50155.

The requirements of the EN 50155 can broadly be broken down into mechanical and electrical areas.

  • Electromagnetic interference – all tests are carried out to ensure the DC-DC Converters do not interfere with the current output power the train has to run on
  • Meets voltage variation testing – EN 50155 12.2.2 and 5.1.1/2
  • Meets EN 50155 12.2.9 standard – 3000V AC isolation standard
  • Meets EMC standard – EN 50121-3-2

The following table summarises EN 50155 standards for input ranges, brown-outs, transients and voltage spikes for the permanent operation of a trains electronic equipment system.

 EN 50155 Supply variations and interruptions

Voltage Isolation

A 3000-VAC isolation/withstand voltage test verifies the design creepage, air clearances, and insulation level of the power module demands.

The isolation voltage test has to comply with following criteria:

  • Limited leakage current under normal/single-fault conditions
  • Protect sensitive workloads from noise
  • Electromagnetic disturbances
  • Power bus fluctuations
  • Surges
  • Electrical shocks
  • Transient voltage spikes
  • Insulation breakdown of the power architecture
  • Mechanical damage
  • Shorts developing between PCB tracks
  • Air gaps
  • Arcing
  • Ground loops, which cause ignition and fire situations

Isolation/Withstand Voltage Test

Electromagnetic Capability (EMC) test

EN 50155 Emission Test

Operating Temperature Range Requirement

The operating temperatures are divided into four classes according to the severity of the environment, as summarised in the table below:

1 factor to take into consideration for Railway DC-DC converters

  • Over- temperature during start-up

Table 1 – Hazard Level Classification

EN 50155 Hazard 

Operating Temperature/Humidity Test

 Operating Temperature

Vibration and Increased Vibration Test

The DC-DC Converters mounted on boards and boxes and are fixed to the railway must be able to withstand the vibration and shock test to meet standard EN 61373.

 Rail vibration test 

Our products meet the standard EN 45545-2 covering fire protection. The EN 45545-2 guidelines specify that different materials under test shall be classified and are defined according to different categories of R1-R26.   

Our products comply with the EMC standards EN 50131 and meet UL certification up to 5000 metres, certifying on the products to be used on the world's highest railways.

We provide PCB Mount, Chassis Mount and Din Rail products from a selected range of world class manufacturers.  A good example being the MKZ140 from MINMAX, this 40W device features remote on/off, input voltage up to 160 V, output voltage trim, is UL certified and has a 3-year warranty - Output voltages ranging from 5 to 54.

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For product requirements up to 500W, our supplier Autronic are specialists who produce custom design for most of the world’s leading rolling stock manufacturers.

When you are next looking for your power supply for rail, you can be confident that our experience and product portfolio will offer you a solution to meet your rail requirements contact us for more details.

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